fic: totally knot a thing, Derek/Stiles


because Jessie posted this and my brain went, oh okay.


Stiles wants to make it clear he signed up to the website when he was drunk, okay? Yes, some part of him wondered what it would be like to get knotted, but he never would’ve signed up to a dating site based on knotting when he was sober.

But drunk Stiles likes making decisions that sober Stiles has to live with, and since drunk Stiles already paid for three months of membership, sober Stiles doesn’t really see a reason to back out of this.

Besides, the werewolves on the website are hot as fuck.


Four days after drunk Stiles signed up to the site, sober Stiles is idly scrolling through profiles in the werewolf section looking for jerk off material, when his site inbox pings with a message from leatheralpha, and Stiles snorts at the name before clicking on the message icon.

to: ScoobyDoMe

Are you serious with that username? You’re aware werewolves aren’t dogs, right? It’s lucky you’re cute.

Stiles wrinkles his nose and dithers over the reply button. Okay, the username is dumb, but drunk Stiles made that choice, not him. It’s not his fault you can’t change usernames on this dumb site. Navigating over to leatheralpha’s profile, Stiles clicks on the photos, and he’s just glad no one is in the room with him because holy fuck. The photos can’t be real. No one who looks like that can be on a knotting site.

Clicking through the album, Stiles groans when he comes across a photo of the guy in a cosy cardigan with a mug of coffee in his hand and a smile on his face. Whatever his username might be referring to — and Stiles is a little worried about the implications of leather in his name — leatheralpha is freaking adorable as well as hot and that’s just patently unfair.

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